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Bonfire Night Collection - L..
The Bonfire Night Collection consists of: . Bonfire - A fiery orange red jelly base filled with red/orange/gold UCC flakes, copper holographic glitter, galactic holographic flakes, black special glitter, gold flakes and gold scattered holographic pigment. It is fully opaque in 2 coats! . Cosy By The...
Flakie/holographic 5x10ml set
The 5 polishes in this set have no specific theme but are all various mixes of UCC flakies with holographic pigments. They are available individually or in the set for a discounted price! It includes; Unicorn Galaxy - pink/fuschia/orange/gold UCC flakes with a touch of linear holographic pigment and...
£30.00 £24.00
Powerpuff Girls Trio
The Powerpuff Girls trio is made up of 3 scattered holographic polishes with a metallic finish. We have "Blossom" - a pink metallic scattered holographic polish. "Bubbles" a blue metallic scattered holographic polish. "Bunny" a violet purple metallic scattered holographic polish.
Rugrats Trio - Pt1 & Pt2
The Rugrats Trio is inspired by one of my favourite childhood TV shows about the mischievous antics and adventures of 5 babies Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, Phil & Lil Deville and Tommy's older cousin Angelica Pickles. . The Trio Includes; Tommy - "Nakey Is Good!" - a bright blue premium holo shade...
NeOn & On Collection
The NeOn & On Collection consists of 5 neon shades which are perfect for the upcoming summer season BUT these are neons with a twist! Each has a beautiful shimmer and a tonne of holographic sparkles. Endless - a neon yellow shade with a green shimmer and scattered holo. Infinity - a neon orange shade...
£5.50 £4.00
The Unexpected Walking Dead ..
Introducing The Unexpected Walking Dead Collection - A collection of 6 duos, each inspired by a pair of characters from the show. The first duo is inspired by baby Judith and her big brother Carl; Lil' Ass Kicker - a beautiful bubblegum pink creme polish which is fully opaque in 1-2 coats depending on...
Top & Base Coat
This duo includes my "To Top It Off!" top coat and "Power Grip Base Coat" both in 10ml bottles. Power Grip Base Coat contains: Vitamins A and E Lemon Essential Oil Coenzyme Q10 and Pro Vitamin B5 It helps promote healthy nail growth and prevent staining. It has a very thin consistency which allows it...