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NeOn & On Collection
The NeOn & On Collection consists of 5 neon shades which are perfect for the upcoming summer season BUT these are neons with a twist! Each has a beautiful shimmer and a tonne of holographic sparkles. Endless - a neon yellow shade with a green shimmer and scattered holo. Infinity - a neon orange shade...
£5.50 £4.00
Fairy Of The Forest
Fairy Of The Forest is a mysterious UCC multi-chrome polish which shifts from green/forest green/silver/grey and rose/pink with added pink/green/grey UCC flakies scattered throughout. . It's fully opaque in 2-3 coats depending on application .
£6.50 £4.00
Tranquil is a stunning thermal polish which transitions from clear/white in its warm state to a deep teal in it's cold state. It has added holographic micro flakies and beautiful UCC flakies which shift from purple/green/turquoise and blue. . It's fully opaque in 2 thin coats.
£6.50 £4.00
Mission To Mars
Mission To Mars is an out of this world matte polish! If you don't fancy wearing it in its original matte state or if you just want a different look, simply add a top coat! It is a deep ink blue jelly base filled with stunning UCC unicorn light flakies which shift between gold - green and red and added...
£6.50 £4.00
Girls Best Friend
Girls Best Friend is a super blingy, super sparkly flakie polish. It has amazing new holographic micro flakies which lay flat on the nail and give an almost linear holographic effect, with scattered gold flakies throughout. . This can be worn over any colour as a topper to transform it from ordinary...
£5.50 £4.00
Baby Love
Baby Love is a super sparkly, jam packed glitter polish. It's filled with scattered holographic pigment glitter with blue holo hex glitter and iridescent hex glitters in various sizes as well as iridescent strand glitters. . It's fully opaque in 2 thin coats.
Jet Black
Looking for the perfect 1 coater black polish? Your search is over! Jet black is super pigmented and completely opaque in just 1 coat, it also dries with a gel-like shine for a super glossy finish. Shown With no top coat! . Beautiful when worn under 'Dark Matter'
£5.00 £4.00
Dark Matter
Dark Matter is a mesmerizing chameleon polish. It has a colour shift which ranges between blue/violet/red. This is to be worn over a black or dark base colour which makes the multi-chrome effect really stand out!
£6.00 £4.00
Crushed Velvet
Crushed Velvet is a deep purple creme polish with a bold silver shimmer running throughout which gives a stunning a crushed velvet effect. . It is fully opaque in 1 thin coat and can also be used for stamping.
£5.00 £4.00